Workshops and Talks – Presentations

Transforming Engineering Education at Gurukuls – Dr.Claire Komives, San Jose State University, USA.

MOOCS: How to Leverage the Opportunity in India – Dr.Deepak Garg, Bennett University, India

Reflections on the Evolution of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) and Its overall impact on Engineering Education and the Leadership of Engineering Academic Institutions – Dr.Hans J.Hoyer, Secretary General, IFEES

Creativity in Engineering Education – Dr.J.C. Quadrado, ISEL, Portugal

Entrepreneurial Thinking to Engineering Solutions for Healthcare – Kunal Mankodiya, University of Rhode Island, USA

Achieving Gender Equality in Engineering: What, Why, How, Who – Dr.Lueny Morell, Founder and Director, InnovaHiEd

Integrating Design Thinking in Engineering Education – Dr.Lueny Morell, Founder and Director, InnovaHiEd

Technical Education Quality Improvement Project III (TEQIP III) – Namrata Raman Tognatta, World Bank

Fostering STEM Education in Institutes of Higher Learning – Dr.Neeraj Buch, Michigan State University

KLE- Centre for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Dr.Nitin Kulkarni, KLE Technological University, Hubballi

Assuring ‘Student Success’ in India: What we can learn from the US research – Dr.Pradeep Waychal, Guruji Education Foundation

A Primer on Reading, Reviewing and Writing Research Articles in Engineering Education – Dr.Sohum Sohoni, Arizona State University, USA; Dr.Prathiba Nagabhushan, ACU, Australia

Engineering Curricula need to Pivot! – Dr.Roger Hadgraft, University of Technology Sydney

Curricula for Societally Relevant Engineering Education – Dr.Ashok Saxena, University of Arkansas

Incorporating Ethics in Engineering Education (Paper)

Incorporating Ethics in Engineering Education (Presentation) – Dr.S.D.Rajan, Arizona State University, USA

Acquiring the 21st Century Competencies Through Design Based Learning In Engineering Education – Dr Siva Chandrasekaran & Dr John M Long , Deakin University Australia

The Light Side and Dark Side of Assessment – Dr.S.D.Rajan, Arizona State University, USA

Project Management Education – Dr.Vijay Kanabar, Boston University, USA

IUCEE – EPICS – Dr.William Oakes, Purdue University, USA

Ethics in International Engineering Education – Dr.Michael Milligan, ABET