Course Details – Cloud Computing


This workshop will start with an overview and brief history of cloud computing, with some case studies that illustrate the power and benefits of the cloud. We will then discuss typical cloud architectures and techniques such as virtualization to provide some in-depth understanding of typical cloud implementations and interfaces. The next focus will be on academic research in cloud computing, including HPC on the cloud, energy-efficiency of datacenters, and scheduling of virtual machines. This will be followed by creating a blueprint for designing a semester-long course on cloud computing. The workshop will be highly interactive, with a lot of active learning, audience participation, and some group work.


Short Bio:

Dr. Sohoni is an Assistant Professor of Computing Studies in the Department of Engineering at the Polytechnic Camus of Arizona State University. He received his PhD in computer engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2004 and his Bachelors in electrical engineering from COEP, Pune University in 1998. Prior to joining ASU, he was an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Sohoni’s research interests are broadly in the area of computer architecture and performance analysis. Besides mainstream cache memory systems, his research spans embedded systems, multimedia applications, and cloud computing architectures. He has published in highly ranked peer-reviewed conferences and journals such as ACM SIGMETRICS and the IEEE Transactions on Computers. He has recently expanded his research interests to include engineering education, and has published his work at ASEE’s national and Midwest conference,  the International Journal of Engineering Education and Advances in Engineering Education. He advises several undergraduate, M.S., and PhD students.

Dr. Sohoni believes that classroom instruction needs to incorporate the presentation techniques of today, as well as interactive teaching methodologies such as case studies and team learning. He is a popular and well-respected instructor, and was awarded the CEAT Halliburton Excellent Young Teacher Award (2009) and the Regents Distinguished Teaching Award (2010) while he was at OSU.



Dr. Sohum Sohoni

Assistant Professor, Computing Studies

Department of Engineering,

College of Technology and Innovation,

Arizona State University at Poly campus

Peralta Bldg. – Room 230H

7171 E. Sonoran Arroyo Mall, Mesa AZ 85212


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