Course Outline: Current Trends in Smart Grid

Day – 1
AM. Introduction & Some Basics
Course orientation; Overview; Review of Vectors, Complex Numbers, Matrices, and Linear Equations
Classification of Systems; Mathematical and Linear Graph Representation of Physical Systems.

PM. The Electric Power Systems & Smart Grid
Historical perspective of the electrical industry; Fundamentals of generation, transmission and
distribution of power grid systems, What’s Smart grid?

Day – 2
AM. Distributed Power Generation Techniques
Fuel cell systems; Historical development; Basic operations, thermodynamics, and theoretical efficiency;
Electrical characteristics of real fuel cells; Types of fuel cells; Power in the wind; Wind turbine
generators; Speed control for maximum power; Average power in the wind; Major PV system types;
Current-voltage curves; Grid connected systems; Stand-alone PV systems; Energy Storage Technologies.

PM. Smart Grid Control Systems
Principles of Central and Distributed generation control systems, Automatic Generation monitoring and
control systems; Power transmission and distribution Smart Control Systems; Introduction to Power flow
control systems; power management, Distributed intelligent control systems and Wide-area geographical
information system (GIS).

Day – 3
AM. Power Electronics for Smart Grid
Power flow and stability considerations in AC transmission systems, FACTS concepts, Shunt and Series
controllers overview; Objectives of shunt compensation, Methods of controllable VAR generation, SVC
and STATCOM controller circuits, Objectives of series compensation, Variable impedance and switching
converter type series compensators, summary of characteristics and features

PM. Smart Sensors and Networks for Smart Grid
Sensor properties; Smart sensor functions; NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid


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