Course Details – Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing – Course Plan

Parallel Processing Workshop Brochure CVRCE

Host College Webpage for Parallel Processing Workshop

An IUCEE intense week long short course on Parallel Processing

S. Lakshmivarahan
School of Computer Science
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019 – USA

1) Course Outline:

Topics 1. Need for super computers, Grand challenges, Technology vs. architecture, Greater computing power through parallelism in architecture, A classification of Parallel architectures.
Topic 2. Detailed discussion of shared vs. distributed memory architectures, Hardware architectural back bone, Cayley graph based architectures – Rings, Toroids, Binary hypercube
Topic 3. Solution to various communication problems – point to point routing, broadcasting, personalized communication, gossip problem in distributed memory architectures
Topic 4: Graph embedding as a means for porting algorithms across architectures, optimal embedding,
embedding of rings, toroids, binary trees into binary hypercube
Topic 5: Performance measures – speed up, processor efficiency, effect of communication on speed up and efficiency, Parallel Complexity class
Topic 6: Examples of Parallel algorithm design – sorting, prefix problem, matrix problems, etc.
Topic 7: Parallel Programming, Message Passing Interface – MPI, sample programs

2. Modus Operandi:

IUCEE short course protocol calls four lectures each day for five days – a total of twenty lectures in all, typically from Monday through Friday of a week. The four lectures on a given day are divided into two in the morning and two in the afternoon with ample time for coffee breaks and lunch break to facilitate good time for interaction. Each lecture may span for about 75 minutes with ample time for Q& A.

3. Course Material:

The course will be based on the following two books on this topic:
1. S. Lakshmivarahan and S. K. Dhall (1990) Analysis and Design of Parallel Algorithms: arithmetic and matrix problems, McGraw Hill, New York, 657 pages
2. S. Lakshmivarahan and S. K. Dhall (1994) Parallel Computing using the Prefix Problem, Oxford University Press, New York, 294 pages
3. We will also provide copies of important papers in many of these areas
4. The course will be taught with a combination of regular black/white board class room formats and some power point slides. So, we would large black/white board and facility for projecting power point slides


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