Gaurav Sharma

Dr. Gaurav Sharma ,
University of Rochester; Rochester, NY 14627-0126
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Associate Professor of Oncology

“In the coming year, I will be happy to conduct an IUCEE workshop in either of the two formats that you indicated. For either of the two models, the dates of availability will depend upon the model for support – if the institution is supporting the travel from the US to India, there is greater flexibility. If this needs to be combined with personal travel, then there will be limited windows of availability in the times when I already expect to be in India for personal reasons. Here is a list of possible topics and durations for the topics:

1) Introduction to Digital Communications (5 day workshop)
2) Digital Image Processing (5/3 Day workshop)
3) Introduction to Information Theory (5 Day workshop)
4) Fundamentals of Digital Color Imaging (2 Day Workshop)
5) Introduction to Computational Bioinformatics (3/5 Day workshop)
6) Media Security and Watermarking (1 day workshop)
7) Publication Etiquette and Ethics: Things You Should Know Before Submitting Your First Paper (1/2 day workshop)
For the time being, I know that I will likely visit India sometime in the summer but don’t know the schedule yet. Institutions that would like to have me conduct a workshop on any of these topics can get in touch indicating which of the two models (full travel support including travel from US to India + honorarium or only domestic travel support in India + honorarium). If there is a substantial and genuine interest in partnering on research, I would also be willing to consider a visit for purely an invited research seminar where I would only require travel support domestically within India”


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