Second International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education 

Summary of Survey conducted for participants of ICTIEE 2015

Pictures from ICTIEE 2015


B.M.S.College of Engineering, Bangalore, January 7 to 9, 2015


ICTIEE 2015 Brochure

Opportunities for Corporate Sponsorship





16 thoughts on “ICTIEE 2015

  1. There is a four dimensional learning framework that lays the foundation for learning in 21st century. QTIME learning framework will be willing to submit papers on that. More on the at qtime.qtimelearning.com. Awaiting on the feedback. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Dr. Sumithra, these are excellent topics. Do you have any suggestions for experts in how to handle change in technology on education ? Best wishes, Krishna

  2. Dear Sir,
    My experimentation’s of engaging students on small projects/internships for SME segment of industries has enormously benefited small and medium industries( which cant afford the costly imported/local solutions, and are away from technology up-gradation / competition, unlike in China, where institutions are so closely associated with industries) and the students involvement is amazing.

    I feel this conference should focus on how to bring traditional SME segement with Institutes.

    When the institutes tie up with multinational companies, yes no doubt students get
    benefit, but i have observed the faculties are left out (only involve in managerial things, not technically associate in the project)

    Asst.Professor, Dept. Of CSE, R.V.College Of Engineering, Bangalore-69

    • Excellent suggestion, Prof. Badrinath. Perhaps you can share your experiences on this in a webinar. This can then built up into a strong part of the Conference. Best, Krishna

    • Thanks for this excellent suggestion, Dr. Narasinga Rao. I agree with you that we need to help faculty learn how to plan and manage courses for effective learning to happen. Would you be willing to share your experiences in a webinar ? Best, Krishna

  3. Three themes I feel are relevant and necessary to every teacher today are:

    – Instructional design strategies for e-content development

    – Effective student counseling and recording strategies for optimizing results

    – Student engagement beyond classroom

  4. Excellent comments, Mr. Chakraborty. Thanks for taking the time. I am sure we will incorporate into our workshops. Best wishes, Krishna

  5. Dear Sir,

    As per the conference topic, the following scopes are relevant as per my experience in this field:

    1. Pedagogy – Students join in variety of merits, skills, and language. The choice of appropriate pedagogy is the key to success in transformation of engineering education. POGIL, Interactive, Learner centric,are the few concepts that are popular in the literature.

    2. Instruction Material – Again students come with the knowledge that enable them to understand the same concept with the different instruction set. As to mention that a brilliant student could understand the formal set theory definition of an concept quickly , however the same is not true for the weaker student. Thus different instruction material for the same concept is the key to success for Engineering Education Transformation.

    3. Environmental factors including color of the wall, visual effect of the class room, fragrance during the class time, learners position in the class room etc are the serious research issue of the domain.

    4. I would like to include with the above as Management and Administration plays a pivotal role particularly in self-financial institutes. Training for domain knowledge improvement, skill upgrade are the few basic practices are completely ignored; whereas political involvement in the job recruitment, promotion, and other advantages are the common scenario. An paper based appraisal system is the key to eradicate this issues.,

    • These are excellent suggestions, Mr. Chakraborty. I agree with you. Would you be willing to share your experiences via a webinar, so that we can use this to plan for the conference ? Best, Krishna

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