Individual Members

We have recently formalized IUCEE as a Society in India and launched an Individual Membership of IUCEE for those who are not already included in the IUCEE Consortium College membership. Any person who has attained the age of maturity, who has an interest in improving engineering education or has attended one of the IUCEE annual or regional institutes, shall onapplication and payment of fees, become a member, subject to the approval of the Governing body of the society. (Fees Presently Rs. 1,000) Life Membership shall be ten times annual subscription. Members will receive regular IUCEE newsletters and updates as well as information about all IUCEE programs including Faculty Leadership Institutes and Webinars. A very important benefit of membership is access to all the recordings of Webinars and MiniCourses conducted in past years. Details about how to access the recordings are available at

Please send email to Ashok Kalbag , General Secretary of IUCEE re process for becoming an Individual member of IUCEE


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