Invitation for Global Student Forum to Indian Deans

GSF Invitation to Indian Deans (PDF)

As you might already know, the biggest conference on Engineering Education which is the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF), will be taking place this December in Dubai.

I would like to inform you that SPEED will be holding a student event right before WEEF. The event is called the Global Student Forum and its theme for this year is “Engineering Education without Borders”. Students from all over the world will join efforts in Dubai to come up with action plans to overcome limitations in the Engineering Education system through a series of workshops that use design thinking techniques.

The event will include several other activities such as an industrial site visit, community service activities and networking dinners with WEEF professionals and students will also get to attend all 4 days of WEEF.

SPEED requests you to encourage your students to participate in this global event by sponsoring students from your college. Please find the below attached document for further information.

You can check the webpage for the event on the following link:

Please contact SPEED India President, Rohit Kandakatla ( for any queries.

Rohit Kandakatla
Internal Affairs Officer- SPEED
President- SPEED India
Chair – ISF 2015


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