How to Become Member

Here is a summary of benefits of membership in IUCEE College Consortium

Benefits of membership in IUCEE Consortium (PDF)

Benefits of membership in IUCEE Consortium

  • Contacts with over 200 US Experts and their Institutions;
  • Advise on preparation for Outcomes Based Education (OBE);
  • Advice from US experts in hosting International Conferences or Seminars
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Curriculum in existing programmes or for starting new programmes.
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Infrastructure, including assistance in setting up Centers of Excellence and special laboratories for improving teaching and research
  • Advice in connecting with potential US colleges interested in twinning programs (such as 2+3 BS/MS and 4 +1 MS degree programs).
  • Advise for Member Institutions with Governance, Strategic Planning/Advisory Board formation for enhancing quality of academics, including contacts with US experts for Advisory Boards
  • Assistance with utilizing unique e-learning platforms, for course content, delivery and student outcomes assessment.
  • Short workshops or courses for faculty and/or students by US experts travelling to India (Faculty Leadership Institute, FLI); Member Host Institution in India pays costs
  • Access to IUCEE course materials from more than 100 previous FLIs (Faculty Leadership Institutes) since 2008;
  • Live IUCEE Virtual Academy Webinars and short courses on-line by US experts, Indian experts and Industry Leaders relevant for faculty and students on relevant topics conducted regularly;
  • Access to recordings of all webinars (over 400 to date) conducted by IUCEE since 2010.
  • Facilitation of collaborations with US colleges including visits to US universities, MOUs, Centers of Excellence, twinning programs, faculty and student exchanges,
  • Opportunities for students to participate in programs of the global SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development), including Indian Student Forums and Global Student Forums,



Please email for additional information or to initiate membership process.

The Annual Membership Fee for the year is $ 1,000 and counted from the day of enrolment and needs to be paid by wire transfer or DD to University of Massachusetts Lowell (Details will be sent on request)


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