IUCEE Gurukuls

Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) has played a key role in enhancing the quality of engineering education in India since its inception in 2007. A variety of workshops and webinars have been offered for faculty in more than 200 engineering colleges, with the help of a network of experts from academia and industry from around the world. More recently annual conferences and a journal have provided platforms for faculty to connect and share their experiences in transforming engineering education at their institutions. Now there is a need for these transformations to become institutionalized.

The IUCEE Gurukuls for Learning and Outcomes Based Education (iGLOBE) program addresses this vital need for institutions to develop self-reliance towards achieving excellence in engineering education.  IUCEE will facilitate these Gurukuls (i.e. Centers for Excellence) which will be modeled as a blend of the Centers for Engineering Education and Centers for Teaching and Learning around the world.

Below is link to download application form for participating in Gurukul or iGLOBE Program.

Download Application Form

Note: only members of IUCEE Consortium are eligible to apply.