Two -day Workshop: “Design and Implementation of Student Centered Learning”

SPEED India Regional Student Forums (Click here for details)


Invitation to Host IUCEE SPEED Workshop

In the academic year of 2015-2016, SPEED-India is looking forward to conduct Regional Forums spreading across various regions of India.

Introduction to SPEED



MIT team makes clean water from the sun – Business – The Boston Globe

water man

‘Water man of India’ Rajendra Singh bags top prize – BBC News


Invitation for Global Student Forum to Indian Deans

Workshop Invitation to Colleges


Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) has been organizing workshops in India since 2009. SPEED has collaborated with IUCEE in 2013 and has conducted 5 workshops last year. The workshops were conducted in IUCEE consortium colleges in Hyderabad, Pune, Rajkot, Hubli and Delhi. The events focus on different themes every year and trains students from engineering colleges across the country. The theme for last year was Creativity and Innovation in Engineering Education. These workshops were successful and the outcomes have been developed as action plans in the own universities by the students.

The workshops duration is 3 days whose agenda depends on the theme of the respective workshop. The first day includes an ice breaking session, few group activities and introduction to the theme of the workshop. The second day starts with a presentation on the importance of action plan development followed by development of action plans by the participants by exploring the theme and involves presentation of the action plans by various groups to the peer of the colleges. The workshops are facilitated by 3 experienced SPEED members from across the country.

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IUCEE-SPEED Workshops 2014:

8-10 Sep; “21st Century Grand Challenges Faced in Engineering“; R.I.T.College of Engineering, Islampur;    BROCHURE

8-10 Sep; “Engineering Beyond Boundaries“; B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore;    BROCHURE

15-17 Sep; “Engineering Education Without Borders“; Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pimpri, Pune;   BROCHURE

15-17 Sep; “21st Century Grand Challenges of Engineering“; Guru Nanak Institutions, Hyderabad;   BROCHURE

15-17 Sep; “21st Century Grand Challenges of Engineering“; S.R.Engineering College, Warangal;   BROCHURE

15-17 Sep; “21st Century Grand Challenges of Engineering“;Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad;   BROCHURE

17-19 Sep; Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida;   BROCHURE

IUCEE-SPEED Partnership Update (September, 2014)

  • IUCEE-SPEED India is conducting regional student leadership workshops at 7 locations during September 2014. Details are at https://iucee.com/speed/. The theme is “21st Century Grand Challenges of Engineering”.
  • Several students representing SPEED India wil be participating in Global Student Forum in Dubai (10th GSF December 1-3, 2014) as part of World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF 2014)
  • Indian Student Forum (ISF 2015) in Bangalore, Jan 5-7, 2015 as part of ICTIEE 2015 (Details will be available soon)

IUCEE-SPEED Partnership Update (May 29, 2014)

Weekly IUCEE-SPEED Webinars are being conducted on Saturdays at 6:00 pm IST.  Progress on Action Plans by students who participated in the Indian Student Forum (ISF 2014) are being presented. Planning is in progress for upcoming events and activities.

Upcoming Events:

IUCEE-SPEED Partnership Update (April 12, 2014)

SPEED Chapters are being formed in several colleges in India with the help of IUCEE. Formal Chapters have already been established at RK University, Atharva College of Engineering and Dronacharya College of Engineering. Several others are in the process of being formalized. Total membership which is now over 200 is expected to reach 500 soon.

The Action Plans by students who participated in the Indian Student Forum (ISF 2014) are being implemented. A weekly IUCEE-SPEED webinar series has been initiated to share progress in implementation of these Action Plans.

Upcoming Events:

  • Workshops at five locations to de decided (August – November, 2014)
  • Global Student Forum in Dubai (10th GSF December 1-3, 2014) as part of World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF 2014)
  • Indian Student Forum (ISF 2015) in Bangalore, Jan 5-7, 2015 as part of ICTIEE 2015 (Details will be available soon)

IUCEE SPEED Partnership Update (March 11, 2014)

IUCEE has started working with students of consortium colleges in India in collaboration with SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development) http://www.worldspeed.org/portal/,  a global student organization.  Dinesh Balaji and Rohit Kandakatla, who are active members of SPEED,  have taken the lead. During the past year, they have organized five student workshops at different IUCEE Consortium Colleges. These have led to IUCEE-SPEED Chapters with significant student membership.

The Indian Student Forum (ISF 2014) was modeled after the Global Student Forum (GSF) for developing student leadership and was conducted on January 14 to 16, 2014, in conjunction with the International Conference for Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2014).

Newsletter Special Edition ISF 2014

More details about the organizational structure, membership and activities will be provided shortly.

IUCEE-SPEED Workshops 2013:

July 8,9 – K.G.Reddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad

July 29,30 – College of Engineering, Pune

Aug 12,13 – R.K.University, Rajkot

Aug 26,27 – B.V.B.College of Engineering, Hubli

Aug 29,30 – JRE College of Engineering, Noida



Discussion group for IUCEE members:



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