IUCEE SPEED Footsteps and ISTE partner to launch “Swach Bharat” ki Swach Hawa video contest for engineering students

Dear IUCEE Consortium Leaders,

On November 29th, 2014, The New York Times published an article “ Holding your breath in India” regarding the catastrophic consequences of air pollution in New (https://iuceedotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/holding-your-breath-in-india-nytimes.pdf).  Even though the article  focused on New Delhi, almost all big cities across the country are falling victim to the problem of air pollution. The government of India and many private organizations have taken up initiatives to tackle this issue, but a big resource that we are yet to take advantage of is the large number of engineers in India. 1.5 Million Engineers graduate every year in India.

How can we as engineers become take up the social responsibility and address this challenge?. We believe the current engineers will become the vehicle to eradicate these challenges in India.

IUCEE in collaboration with Footsteps, SPEED and ISTE is delighted to launch Swach Bharat” ki Swach Hawa.

This is a 3 step competition which begins with a 3 minute video contest, followed by prototype building and testing. The winners of the video contest will be provided with funds to develop prototypes.

The competition that we are proposing aims at providing engineering students a platform to contribute to reducing air pollution in India through implementation of innovative idea’s using technology. In addition to solving one of the biggest problems ailing the Indian society, this will also provide an opportunity for the students to have hands on experience in service learning via the pedagogical practice of problem-based learning (PBL). PBL is widely used all over the world to engage students in learning engineering skills more efficiently. Through this competition, we would like engineers to realize that they have a larger role in the community, particularly in addressing the grand challenges of engineering.

You can find further details of the competition at http://footsteps.in/video-contest/.

I urge you to encourage all your students to participate in this competition.

Please contact Rohit Kandakatla (rohit.kandakatla@worldspeed.org) or Anveet Hira (ahira@purdue.edu) for any queries. Thank you


Rohit Kandakatla
President – SPEED (www.worldspeed.org)

Founder – Footsteps (www.footsteps.in)
Linkedin Profile


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