Subbaram Naidu

Dr. Subbaram Naidu

Professor, Electrical Engineering ; Director, Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center ; Founding Director, School of EngineeringIdaho State University;PocatelloIdaho 83209-8060, Phone: 208-282-2307;

  • Topic of workshop/s:

o    Industrial Control Cyber Security (ICCS) – 1-to-2 days

o   STEM Education(1 day)

o   Graduate level course on Optimal Control Systems using my own book with the same title published by CRC Press 2003. For the 5-day course, I am going to supplement my above text book with new material on Stochastic Optimal Control.

  • When (approximate dates): December 15 2013 to Jan. 10, 2015 (any days are OK to me)
  • Financial: Willing to combine with own trip to India so host institution can save on US travel expenses:


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