Mech & Ind Engineering

Individual-2011 Spring

“Teaching Dynamics and Vibrations with Computer Tools”, C. Nataraj, Villanova U;11-3-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/600/Teaching-Dynamics-and-Vibrations-with-Computer-Tools

Individual- FLI 2011

“Vibrations”, C. Nataraj, Villanova U; 3-6-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/622/Vibrations

“Mechatronics and Robotics”, Venkat Krovi, SUNY Buffalo; 6-7-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/629/Mechatronics-and-Robotics

“Carbon Nano Tubes & Nano Structures in Nanotechnology”, Ramesh Agarwal,

Washington U at St. Louis; 15-7-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/633/Carbon-Nano-Tubes-Nano-Structures-in-Nanotechnology

“Integrating Teaching of Mechanics, Design and Manufacturing”, Sanjeev K. Khanna,

University of Missouri; 20-7-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/634/Integrating-Teaching-of-Mechanics-Design-and-Manufacturing

“Computational Fluid Dynamics”, Prabir Daripa, Texas A&M University; 11-8-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/638/Computational-Fluid-Dynamics

Individual-2011 Fall

“Structural Health Monitoring”, Tribikram Kundu, University of Arizona; 22-9-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/594/Structural-Health-Monitoring

“Combustion Science”, Fokion Egolfopoulos, University of Southern California; 1-11-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/521/Combustion-Science

“Adaptive Control of Smart Structures”, Ratneshwar Jha, Clarkson University; 10-11-2011!/page/iucee/cat/239/course/518/Adaptive-Control-of-Smart-Structures


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