2014 Webinars

From now onwards, links to recordings of webinars will be made available to IUCEE Consortium College Members only upon request to IUCEE Virtual Academy Manager:  Sridhar N (sridharn18@gmail.com)

Information about becoming IUCEE Consortium College Members can be obtained from IUCEE Director of India Operations: Kantha reddy (kanthareddy_m@yahoo.com)



List of 2014 Webinars:

 Virtual Academy: Cloud Computing and Software engineering; Ravindra Dastikop; SDM College of Engineering

Virtual Academy: High Voltage Techniques, Its importance in Electrical Engineering; Kamaraju V.; JNTU K

Virtual Academy Innovative Teaching Approach To transfer focus from teachers to learners; Tejaskumar Kamble, V.S. Mane; Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology

Virtual Academy: Team Based Learning; Pradeep Waychal; NMIMS

Virtual Academy: IUCEE Initiatives at Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology; Curriculum Design and Instructional Practices; A.Padmaja and V.S.V.Laxmi Ramana

Virtual Academy: Necessity of OBE in Professional college and assesment of Program Outcome in OBE; G.Shobha; R.V.College of Engineering

Virtual Academy: Research Directions in Cloud Computing; Ravindra Dastikop; SDM College of Engineering

Virtual Academy: Innovative Teaching Approach: To transfer focus from teachers to learners; Vilabha Sachin Patil and Tejaskumar Kamble; RIT Islampur

Virtual Academy: A Roadmap for Identifying Lab Activity in Education System ; Sandeep Rawat; GNIT

Virtual Academy: The 5 Experiments every engineer must conduct; K.V.S.G.Murali Krishna; JNTUK

Virtual Academy: Assessment in Engineering: Concepts, Practice and Transformations; Ravi Sankar; KL University

Virtual Academy: Practical approach to handle large classes: A case study for keeping sessions Live; Sachin Patil, K.Parane, RIT, Islampur

Virtual Academy: Hands On Learning in Product Dissection labs; Aditya Bhatnagar; Drona Edutronics

Virtual Academy: Foundation Interference – Its Consequences; P.Ghosh; IITK

Virtual Academy: Importance of Course Attainment in OBE; G.Shobha; R V College of Engineering

Virtual Academy: Virtualization – An Introduction; Ravindra Dastikop; SDM College of Engineering

Virtual Academy: Becoming a Great Presenter; Veerendra Jaitly; CCube Consultants

Virtual Academy: The Course Outcomes (COs) in Outcome Based Education (OBE); B.Kanmani; BMSCE

Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia for the Future of Engineering Education; K.K.Saju; CUSAT

Automotive Electronics: Learning through real-world problem based case studies; C.Nalini, BVBCET

Finding Your Path in New Age ; K.Pradeep

Assessing Learning Outcomes; Uma Garimella; Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College

Teaching Strategies for Learning Outcomes; Uma Garimella; Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College

Enabling Teaching through Tektronix Education Solution; Mukesh Soni; Tektronix

Teaching Excellence; P.N. Rao; University of Northern Iowa

Higher Education in the United States; Rajkamal Rao; Rao Advisors

Recent progress in fiber-optic communication systems; Shiva Kumar; Mcmaster University

Stem Cell Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Raj R.Rao; Virginia Commonwealth University

Embedded System Design Using ARM Controllers; Ramani Kalpathi; St. Joseph’s College of Engineering

Roboversity – IUCEE Challenge: India’s Biggest Renewable Energy Student Competition; Aditya Chundi; Skyfi Labs

Air pollution and control; K.V.S.G.Muralikrishna; JNTU Kakinada

Processing and Cytocompatibility of Hydroxyapatite Biocomposites; Kantesh Balani; IITK

Modern teaching tools for engineering faculty; V.B. Dharmadhikari; Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

Assessment of Program Outcomes; Umesh Bhadade; SSBTs College of Engineering & Technology

A Novel Hybrid Approach for Combined Allocation of Renewable Energy Generation Technologies in Distribution System; S.K.Parida; IIT Patna

Technology Enhanced Learning; Poorna Shankar; ICEM

Curriculum Design and Instructional practices for experiential learning; Sunil Ingole, ICEM

Improving Laboratory and Project Experiences: Dr. Siva Krishnan, Fiat Chrysler America, formerly Indiana University

Prevention of Erosion from Hilltop Mining areas and Protection of River Basins;Khanindra Pathak; IIT Kgp

Introducing LabVIEW in Engineering Education; B.Kanmani; B.M.S.College of Engineering

Publication Etiquette and Ethics, Gaurav Sharma; University of Rochester

Moving Forward through Teacher Entrepreneurial Education: An Agenda for change in Technical Education; Pooja Tripathi; ABES College of Engineering

Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-functional Oxide Thin films; Guru Subramanyam; University of Dayton

Automotive NVH Control Using Magneto Rheological Elastomers (MRE); Sanjay Kumbhar; Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology

What are Humanities and Social Sciences Doing in an IIT? Anjali Roy; IIT Kgp

Product Design and Realization; Uma Mudenagudi; B.V.B.College of Engineering and Technology

Educating Tomorrow’s Engineers, C.Nataraj; Villanova University

Use of Engineering Equation Solver to solve simple and complex thermodynamics problems; S.K. Dash, IIT Kgp

Climate Change and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall; Subimal Ghosh; IIT Bombay

An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics; Atul Sharma, IIT Bombay

Getting The Most Out Of Your Students; Joseph Tranquillo; Bucknell University

Role of Industry-Institute Interaction to Promote Education and Entrepreneurship; Dr. Padma Yoga, PES COE

Cell Phone/Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions; Girish Kumar; IITB

Introduction to Smart Grid; Prasanta Ghosh; Syracuse University

Creating a CS professional: Complementing the Classroom in Computer Science Education with Real-World Projects; Rajiv Ramnath; Ohio State University

Active Learning; Stephanie Farrell; Rowan University

Brain-computer Interface: An Emerging Field; Patrick Patterson, Texas Tech University

Design and Fabrication of Portable Devices for Biomedical and Energy Applications; Srinivas Palanki; University of South Alabama

Expectations of Industry from Technical Graduates: Implications for Technical institutions; P.K.Tulsi;  National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research

Dynamic Analysis and Visualization of Programs; Bharat Jayaraman ; State University of New York

Technology Enhanced Teaching Learning Using Palm Devices; Sachin Patil; Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology

Creativity in Engineering Education; Kushal Shah; IIT Delhi

Fuel Cells: Theory, Application and Experimentation, Vincent Winstead; Minnesota State University

Project Based Learning – An Enhanced Approach for Learning in Engineering; Lipika Gupta; Chitkara University

Designing With Composite Materials; Vinay Dayal; Iowa State University

Lab type courses: A novel approach to monitor the conduct for better efficiency; Rajnish Sharma; Chitkara University

Nonlinear Circuits and Fundamental Circuit Elements; Bharathwaj Muthuswamy; MSOE

Puzzle Based Learning; Sanjay Kumbhar; Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology

Embedded Systems Development and Future Trends; James Conrad; U of N.Carolina

From classic control to complex mechatronic design: A focus on the “system” in “control system”; Tom Lee; Quanser

Low-cost UG control systems experiements using microcontroller-based control of PMDC motor; Ramprasad Potluri; IIT Kharagpur

Research in Power Systems; Sarma Mulukutla; Northeastern University

Software Engineering – Introductory concepts; Vinay Saini; Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

US Higher Education: Case Studies in School Choice & Field Selection; Rao Advisors

Higher Education in the United States; Rao Advisors

The modern undergraduate lab: Global trends and case studies; Tom Lee; Quanser


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